With A Spirit Of Perfection From Japan – Wooden Bicycle

Sueshiro Sano got to the chisel for the first time when he was 13. Since than he has been creating. He was destined to. Before him, eight generations have done the same. How many of you can trace their ancestors eight generations back?

Well, as all smart people, Sueshiro loves bicycles. So as it often happens, he decided to create one of his own, but entirely by wood. He wanted to make it both beautiful and functional. Years of different attempts lead to the creation of his latest and greatest piece of art – WRD-T3.

Behind those letters stands a fascinatinating machine. Made out of mahagony, laminated with special technology, all by hand. The invention weights only 8 kilograms. EIGHT! And the reason for that is that the frame is hollow.

You can check Sueshiro’s work here:  sanomagic.world.coocan.jp.

And we leave you to the beauty of WRD-T3
Large_1 Large_2 Large_3

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