Where The Roads Are More Bike Friendly, Than Car Friendly – Pictures

They say Copenhagen is the best city to live in the world. Would I live there? I do not know. Would I go back – that is for sure.

Why? Well, because of the smiling people, the honest smiles that I miss here in Bulgaria.

Moreover, the bicycle seems to be the perfect pet in Copenhagen. And the bicycle is an important part of every Dane family – I would not be surprised if it has its own breakfast and dinner, along with the kids and the dog.

The bicycle, in all its forms, is in cult. Literally. The biking flow is so intoxicating with its colours, smiles and forms. Many smiles. Everywhere in Copenahgen. And who does not like happyness?

Before you check on our photogallery, we would like to thank Marina for sharing her experience. As you might recall, we transformed her bike :)

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