Smart Wheel – No More Sweat On Your Way To Work

Thanks to one of our Facebook fans we got to know about a fantastic invention – Smart Wheel. This technology miracle is a fascination combination of smart electronics and a electric motor. Its purpose is to make your city ride easier.

Basically you by the whole wheel, which comes in various sizes. What is important to know is that this invention so far works only on fixies. But that will probably change soon.
Kickstarter video:

And as we say how great it is, we also mean how smart it is. You can control it through an iOS, Android or Pebble Watch device. There is also a front light that functions as a place to put your phone too.

You can get statistics about distances, you can lock the back wheel so that noone else can ride the bike and if someone tries to steal it, it will send you a message on your mobile phone.


According to the manufacturer, Smart Wheel is quite easy to assemble on your bike. You just change the wheel. The maximum speed of the motor is 25 km/h and its energy can hold on for 50 kilometers. It weights only 4 kg, so it is easy to move.

You can also charge your phone through the front light, which on the other hand is charged by a conventional dynamo.

Here it is a list with all the mobile devices you can use to work with this invention: Phone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 3rd, 4th gen, iPod touch 5th gen, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Pebble Watch.
gif 2

Well, it sounds great, doesn’t it? We are waiting for the first serial products. They won’t be cheap, but we can wait. Here are more pictures of the Smart Wheel:

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