Revolutionary! Buses In Varna Have Bicycle Stands

This evening we got a great news from bike club „Ustrem“ – more than half of all the new buses that will be provided for the city public transport in our sea capital will have special bike stands.

Big congratulations to our friends from the club (you can check their website here), because it’s them who proposed to the local authorities the innovative idea.

Of course, congratulations to the local authorities, who unlike many of their colleagues in our small country, had the capacity to see what change such an idea would make.

And now, let’s show some numbers – there will be 40 buses with such stands. Those buses will serve all the long distance routes, such as Vinitza, Galata and Vladislavovo.


This news comes in years, when we still have to explain to politicians the benefits of public cycling. When we have to explain that new cross roads and car lanes only privide more traffic jams.

This is why we really enjoy the news. This is a huge success for all the bicycle fans in Bulgaria.

Now, Varna, it’s time to create some bicycle lanes :)

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