Hip Hip Hurray! Our very first unique bike – The Voyage Bike + Video

1Bike.bg is quite proud to present its very first absolutely unique bicycle.

And the not any less proud owner is Marina, who, as great friend of ours, decided to be the first to „risk“ her bike in our hands. So we „pimped“ it.

So, long before we had our workspace, we had an order – The Voyage and Wine Bike. The bike of Marina. If you know her, you will know that it was a hard job. She is true wine expert. She really knows it all. She uses such words, that we cannot even translate them in English (no, GTranslate doesn’t work neither).

And she is the perfect traveller. If you want someone to organize the most unforgettable holiday in Tuscany, she is your person.

So, with that in mind, we started work. How we did it? Watch and learn :)


We took the bike from her place. The bike was… nothing special, just like any other bike. Then we learned what Marina likes most. We got her vision of the bicycle. What made it easier was her clear idea of what she wants. A woman that knows what she wants! Eh! Ain’t that great?

It took us three weeks of work. But the result was great. And our favourite moment is when she got the bike back. She simply hopped on the bike and went away. And we were left alone, waiting and hoping that she would come. Well, she did :)

Here are some photos:

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