Good Coffee Comes On Wheels + Video

How cool is that? A few enthusiastic people from San Francisco decided to live in wooden houses somewhere in the jungles of Central America. But soon after they went back home (to SF), where they started to make… coffee. Unique coffee! And what makes the coffee unique is that it is only transported by bicycles.

There are three brothers, their cousin and a family friend. We don’t know their names, but it’s not neccessary. In 2009 they established Bicycle Coffee Co.

After their tropic journey and meetings with local coffee producers, they realised how hard work it is. And they decided to make business that will support those hard working people.

So they made a small coffee bakery in San Francisco. It took them a while to learn how to make it real delicious and then they started selling. They contacted local restaurants, pubs, hotels and usual shops. And their work blossomed.

They buy coffee only from producers, that use natural methods of making coffee (we don’t really know the different methods, but we guess there are more and less natural ones).

And those guys now make really good coffee. And transport it by bikes. The bigger they get, the more bicycles they use. And bikes only.

We deeply love their idea and hope to taste their product someday. And why not, make special bikes for them? :)

Here is a short video:


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