Flying Bicycles + Video

The idea of flying bicycles has been challanging for humans’ minds for hundreds of years. There are different works on the subject, but just recently a team of Czech scientists created a completely new model of a flying bike with six propellers.


The so-called „F-bike“ was introduced in Prague. For obvious reasons a doll with a human size was used in the experiment :) The bike is run by a remote controll, just as a toy chelicopter.


According to the scientists, the propellers are driven by a motor with a power of 72 hp. The whole machine weights 95 kg. and can fly with a pilot of no more than 72 kg. Well, this might limit the possible range of buyers, but the inventors promised to better those stats.


There is another problem though. Batteries work for no more than five minutes. But the scientists promised to work on that too :)

See the unique bike in motion here:


Apart from this bike, history remembers very well the American aero pioneer Poul McCreedy. In 1979 he became famous for inventing an ultra light „Gossamer Albatross“ – a plane driven by human power by the mechanics of a regular bicycle. Then, with Brian Allen on the pedals, the machine managed to fly for a serious 35 kilometers.



But lets get back to nowadays. A solid prize of 250 000 dollars awaits young American engineers who manage to create a chelicopter, driven by human power and being able of a stable flight. Here is a video with the invention of the students of the University of Maryland:



The last two inventions probably do not qualify as bikes, but they are closely related to the flying bicycle future. So that one day bikes will not only be able to pass between cars in a traffic jam, but also fly over.


We are eager to get one of the first serial fliying bikes that will get to the market. And we will „pimp“ it, of course :)

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