Bulgarians Created Unique Wooden Bike

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the things that should make Bulgarians really proud is the quality of our bicycle production. And the best part is that it is not only about serial production, but for boutique workshops as well. A fantastic proof came lately by four Bulgarians – George and Vasil Baylov, Dimitar Shulekov and Krassimir Shopov. They produced an amazing wooden bicycle.

The first two are a father and son. They have a small workshop in Vetren (really small Bulgarian village). They were not really into bikes until a year ago Krassimir, with the help of Dimitar, decided to create an entirely wooden bike. Now, there are three bikes produced, all with more than 3 000 km on the road.

George Baylov decided to test the first bike in the Netherlands. Here is what happened:

„In Rotherdam I felt like a movie star. I have never expected such attention. I went there, because people there use bikes a lot. I wanted to make something like an enquiry. The result exceeded my bravest expectations.“

Васил Байлов работи по прототипа.
Vasil Baylov works on the first bike.

We find that pretty normal, when you work with quality. Those unprofessional scientists needed four months to create the perfect wooden alloy, that will meet their criteria for stamina. They used beech, oak, locust, mulberry, wild cherry and lime wood.

All parts were ordered from Germany, Japan or Great Britain. No quality compromise was made. So they did not only create a fantastic desing, but a very dependable bike.

They tested it long before they presented it. They rode it in the mountains, went through stairs, tried it in marathons.

Now the four of them has a mission to start a serial production line of those bikes. But do not fool yourself, their price will meet their quality.

Can anyone buy a Rolls-Royes? Our bike is a piece of art, despite its ability to work as a completely functional city bike. We invested creativity, hours of manual labour, really expensive materials. I cannot give you a price now, but it is not going to be cheap.“

Their idea is great and we totally support it. But if you want a really unique bike for an unbelievably great price, write us at info@1bike.bg – we can give your bike the greatest look out there ;)

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