Boys on Bikes (Part I)

We proudly present you our first article about boys on bikes. We will often gather 10 great examples of how fantastic a man on a bike looks like (well, there are exceptions, of course:).

If these ten men do not start your curiosity, you can check out our speciall Pinterest gallery here:

As you will see, most of our machos are Hollywood stars. Well, this is kind of hard to avoid. We cannot live without movies. And movies are never good enough without bicycles :)

So, whatever you hear, always bear in mind that a real good classy bike will only polish your looks. And a man on a bike is always better than a man in a car.

Any doubts? Well, check on our gallery:

Джордж Клуни :)
Georgi Clooney :)


Sting, of course :)


Крисчън Бейл
Batman on a bike.


Принц Чарлз
Prince Charles




Робърт Дауни Джуниъъър!
Robeeert Downey Jr!


Simply Leo


Малкия мук
A boy :)


Робърт Патисън
Robert Patison


Брад Пит
Brad Pitt


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