Bicycle Emblems – The Final Touch Of Elegance

When were boys, we used to have small competitions who will learn the shape of more car emblems. They are the symbol of the whole automotive industry. And usually a boy first learns the emblem of the family car. Then go all the symbols of famous companies.

With bikes it’s not like that. And that’s okay, because the industry scale is different. But what most people do not know is that with bicycle emblems there is much more creativity.

Some are incredibly elegant, others are luscious, third are quite sterile. But all of them add the last touch of the bicycle design. This is why we really enjoyed the meblem of the green Ukraine we saved at the begining of our work. Most bikes in mass production do not afford such luxury, they go with stamps.

But the metal emblems are something different. Something special. To prove it, we have prepared a small gallery with great examples:

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