1Bike Has a New, Orange And Furry Member Of The Team

One day, while we were riding bikes in the center of Sofia, we met this orange and furry guy…

Да, точно с тази табела ни закова вниманието :)
Yes, this is how he got our attention.

Meet one extraordinary cartoon heroe – Red Onion – the new face of 1bike and a fresh member of our team!

Red Onion turned out to be a former „trash cleaner“ in the underworld (shrew-moles and other pieces like that). Well, he took a turn in his life, under the influence of movies like „The Avengers“ and now he dreams to get out of the shadow of trees and become a famous superheroe. He wants to clean trash again, but this time in a different way – through recycling. Yes, Red Onion is kind of Green :) Eco, bio, 100 percent natural and wants to fight for saving the trees, the bees and the grass..

This is why the partnership between Red Onion and 1bike is a love at first sight. What is more ecological than cycling?

Right now Red Onion is part of the Unemployed Cartoon Characters organization, a business as innovative, as 1bike is. Its purpose is to connect unemployed cartoon heroes, such as Red Onion, with companies that seek a new face but can’t afford George Clooney.

Besides Red Onion, in the UCC you can meet Bear Murphy, Papa Love, Madam Russo and Bud Weasel. A great group, which you can check at the official Facebook page of the UCC.

Expect another closer meeting with Red Onion pretty soon. Plus, he will also be part of a fascinating bike project :)

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