1 Bike And Znaharry – A Hip-Hop Bicycle Adventure

Usually we don’t have much of a music choice here at 1bike headquarters. We only listen to Depeche Mode. It’s not that we don’t like them, it’s just that Alexander doesn’t leave us any choice.

Thank God Znaharry came along (Magic Frequencies Studio)! Here is one of the new faces of Bulgarian hip-hop. Thanks to him now we’ve got the flow, yo, not just the mode, yo.

Znaharry is all that made up stars like Misho Shamara (Misho The Slap) aren’t – talented, fresh, funny and smart. He has messages, not socialistic slogans.

This is why we decided to work with him. He promised to make only good music, and we will send him T-shirts that noone else has. Plus, we have already arranged that when, one day, he get to the stage of Madison Square Garden, he will do it on a pimped bike :)

Now, let’s hear some music, yo!

А ако искате да научите повече за Знахари, направо разгледайте официалната му фейсбук страница ;)
А нашите тениски знаете къде да намерите, нали? Ако не, ето тук :)
И ние, понеже като говорим приказваме, да си дойдем и на снимкогледа:

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